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“Mrs Winchester, I presume….”

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Sara Winchester, widow of the Winchester rifles heir, began a construction project in 1884 which continued day and night for the next 38 years. Speculation and rumors reported that the reasons for this obessive behavior ranged from-1) fearing to stop lest ghosts or demons would “get” her as retribution for being the recipient of all that rifle money… 2) she was a very bad architect, to-3) she was just full tilt boogy nuts. Continue reading


Miss Big Stinky Helps Me Grout

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Who? What ??? Miss Who????

Miss BIG STINKY. Miss Big Stinky helped me grout yesterdyay..

Yep – there she is….just checking to see if the bucket is dead yet. She bit it, shook it, threw it in the air….Trying to look non-chalant. Seriously- she snatched it  when my back was turned. Hmmmm. Maybe I didn’t wash all the ice cream out of it. This dog is no puppy playful soul. She is a bona-fide Police Academy flunk out. Yup. A trained killer. Welllll….

Goes to show mosaics are good for your mind. Yup. That’s it. Soothes the savage beast.  Or maybe- just maybe- grout tastes like ice cream. You will have to do your own research on that one…;-). Continue reading

Cheap Trick

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No- I am not lost. I am not posting music blog stuff from the 1980’s (has it really been that long..).

No- I haven’t switched this over to a relationship blog…endless stream of ..”and then he…”.

Oh no.  What I am going to talk about here is a method/style of making a quick project which is simple enough for kids, campers or  unhandy visiting bored relative types. You can actually produce some pretty and  use-able items using this process.  Continue reading

Meli Melo…

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My sister indtroduced me to a store by that name in St Louis quite a few years back. It was such an eclectic arty place. I absolutely loved it. Loved everything about it. The name -a French idiom- means ” a little of this and a little of that” ; “hodgepodge”; “mishmash”.  What a good name. Rolls of the tongue. Meli. Melo. This. And That.

Well- when I first started all this trying to establish an identity thing- I wanted to call my stuff Meli Melo. Already taken.  People kept asking me- what is your business? what do you have? so – I said…art….and….artifacts…and so the name was born. Simple and it is what I have. What I do. What I spend time thinking about. Doing art. Acquiring artifacts. Dragging them all around. Continue reading


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I have always been a maker of things. Began as a very small child…made things out of cans, boxes, left over junk. Always rooting through some else’s cast offs. Not sure why. I was simply compelled. Perhaps my muse is Trash-sichore…the tenth one…   

I had the great pleasure and honor to have been a public servant for over two decades. At some point, a significant paradigm shift (and you thought I was blowing smoke up your skirt about the public servant thing.. that’s right…I can still talk like one…..hehehe)  occurred that gave rise to a far less structured life. I like to characterize  it as “self-unemployment”.

Not the first time I chucked it all to run off into the sunset. Probably not the last.

And so. I have the incredible opportunity to make stuff. An almost unlimited amount of time to do so. Not too much to use – but hey- that is the point and the challenge. Continue reading

Fish Bottle

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 Here is a picture of the fish bottle prior to grouting. You can really see the beads and the little fish window very plainly.

.The beads were built up in a thin layer over and over until they reached the desired depth.

I used Envirotex Lite to adhere the beads to the bottle and to each other. I used thinset (thinned with water) to  prime the glass surface where the tiles are. I then used it “full strength” to adhere the vitreous glass tiles to the bottle. I liked using these two things- resin and thinset- to work on glass. All of my prior glass work has utilized WeldBond. It is a wonderful product. I just wanted to experiment with some different materials. Continue reading

Alrighty then…..

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Okey doke.

Here we go. Been meanin’ to try my hand at this for a while now. Lots to learn- so bear with me.

I hope to have a fun little stop here at the side of the information highway….think of it as a little country produce stand….or- better yet- a “Road Side Attraction”….like “Reptile Gardens” or…- well- here we go!

I will work on a persona after I get the nuts and bolts figured out.

This should be good enough for now. 😉