Fish Bottle

 Here is a picture of the fish bottle prior to grouting. You can really see the beads and the little fish window very plainly.

.The beads were built up in a thin layer over and over until they reached the desired depth.

I used Envirotex Lite to adhere the beads to the bottle and to each other. I used thinset (thinned with water) to  prime the glass surface where the tiles are. I then used it “full strength” to adhere the vitreous glass tiles to the bottle. I liked using these two things- resin and thinset- to work on glass. All of my prior glass work has utilized WeldBond. It is a wonderful product. I just wanted to experiment with some different materials.


This is the finished product of experiment using resin and tiny glass seed beads in my mosaic application. I like the effect and I will do more of it.

It is just another technique in the arsenal of things one can do to embellish almost anything.

The fish are recycled buttons. The shells are from a recycled necklace, the bottle is a recycled liquor bottle. The large beads are recycled Mardi Gras beads and there are some vitreous glass tiles and glass gems and some glass charms used in this piece.

I kept it clean enough that it could still be used as a decanter. The top is the original one and works perfectly.


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