Meli Melo…

My sister indtroduced me to a store by that name in St Louis quite a few years back. It was such an eclectic arty place. I absolutely loved it. Loved everything about it. The name -a French idiom- means ” a little of this and a little of that” ; “hodgepodge”; “mishmash”.  What a good name. Rolls of the tongue. Meli. Melo. This. And That.

Well- when I first started all this trying to establish an identity thing- I wanted to call my stuff Meli Melo. Already taken.  People kept asking me- what is your business? what do you have? so – I said…art….and….artifacts…and so the name was born. Simple and it is what I have. What I do. What I spend time thinking about. Doing art. Acquiring artifacts. Dragging them all around.

I believe the eclectic little store is gone. But it made quite an impression on me. My taste and my interests are well reflected by the little store full of wondrous items with the name that rolled off your tongue.


I am embarking on this blogging thing for numerous reasons. I really want to organize my thoughts on the art and artifacts that I find every day. I want to share these wondrous things so others can indulge in the Aha! moments I experience all the time.

I have been an internet info junky from the start.  I have amassed a veritable fountain of misinformation of all sorts. It is my goal to spread some of it around here.

As I go about doing this- I really would appreciate any feedback comments or questions anybody has.

I intend to do several pages. One I will devote to a listing of artists who I admire and enjoy. That page will also include galleries and venues which I find interesting.


Another area I would like to do is perhaps a How To page or category. I get a lot of questions on how do you do this or that….I may do a tutorial or two. I am still unsure how best to organize this. I will be figuring all this out soon I am sure.

The photos I used here are from my eclectic magnet series. They are essentially made out of all sorts of left over supplies- a little this; a little that. Arty. Artifacty. – Meli. Melo.


4 Responses to “Meli Melo…”

  1. Great blog arty!! i will check it regularly!

  2. Excellent blog art! You are a natural writer and I look forward to reading more! Adding you to my blog too:)

  3. StJohnsGypsy Says:

    What a fun blog….fun to read… to look at…makes me smile…so glad you are doing this…….and I will follow and read…you are very talented in many respects….you’re writing skills are outstanding………I am a big fan of yours! This is going to be so inspiring.

  4. artandartifacts Says:

    St John’s Gypsy- you are making me BLUSH!!!! Thanks. You are a wonderful mosaicist your self. Such a strong vibrant style. We will have to do an interview thing as soon as I figure all that out…. so many new buttons and links and widgets to learn….fun.

    Please feel free to add comments, suggest content or ask any questions that come to mind….I appreciate your input.

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