Miss Big Stinky Helps Me Grout

Who? What ??? Miss Who????

Miss BIG STINKY. Miss Big Stinky helped me grout yesterdyay..

Yep – there she is….just checking to see if the bucket is dead yet. She bit it, shook it, threw it in the air….Trying to look non-chalant. Seriously- she snatched it  when my back was turned. Hmmmm. Maybe I didn’t wash all the ice cream out of it. This dog is no puppy playful soul. She is a bona-fide Police Academy flunk out. Yup. A trained killer. Welllll….

Goes to show mosaics are good for your mind. Yup. That’s it. Soothes the savage beast.  Or maybe- just maybe- grout tastes like ice cream. You will have to do your own research on that one…;-).

Gosh it was a big artful day for the K9 units. Little Blackie found time to intrude on a number of photos of the “Dark Tower” …..Everyone is an art critic….sheesh! She looks pretty non-plussed. Now – if only it was made of garlic and chicken liver…then there would a light in those eyes…..She looks like- …”This is why my dinner’s late…”.

Oh well.

I have tried – unsuccessfully- to teach the dogs to wear safety glasses and to stay away from the glass cutting area ( the entire farm..).

Any of you have pets that “help”? What do you do to protect them from the hazards in the shop? Anything?

Ok that was yesterday.

Today – there is a work in progress that has me kinda excited. It is a yard sale table. Two levels – first (lower) shelf has been glued.    

Wonder what the K9’s think of this??? They were too busy fishing sticks out of the pond and smelling trees to make any statements…..


4 Responses to “Miss Big Stinky Helps Me Grout”

  1. wow this is really great. I love the table and know it will be awesome. Your pieces at the top are so impressive. Have fun finishing the table!

  2. artandartifacts Says:

    Judy Judy Judy….hehehe. You are such a great supporter…I so appreciate your taking time to keep up with everything and everyone. Thanks for your kind comments.

  3. This is turning out great! Isn’t it fun to transform tables! Your blog is looking great, very fun to read. I only have one question for you, why do you call her Miss Big Stinky?

  4. artandartifacts Says:

    Hey Smashgirl ( one of the best mosaicist names I have come across by the way…just a great name…)-
    You asked why I call her Miss Big Stinky….well….She was a recue dog . I got her because she flunked out of Police Dog School. Her name- Officer Shelby.
    I took her as my assistant managing my vacation rental which has a fish pond. While I cleaned the rental- Shelby swam for hours in the fish pond. Seemed perfect- I was busy- she was happy and patrolling the grounds….
    She developed a bad skin infection. She started to reek. I tried to address the problem on my own.
    She stuck her face in the way of a poisonous snake and had a horrific reaction to the bite. Her head swelled up and literally oozed blood. She was a giant stinking mess.
    I took her to the vet- who observed- “whew” She’s Big! and Stinky!
    I said …”that’s MISS Big Stinky to you…..the name stuck.
    Her snake bite resulted in some permanent hair loss on her nose- other wise- total recovery.
    Everyone calls her Miss Big Stinky. She doesn’t seem to mind.
    She does not smell bad too often now that we know how to prevent it….discourage the fish pond swimming….She has not been bitten by a poisonous snake for 2 whole summers. Yay.
    Miss Big Stinky could have her own blog….I better stop here….;-).

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