“Mrs Winchester, I presume….”

Sara Winchester, widow of the Winchester rifles heir, began a construction project in 1884 which continued day and night for the next 38 years. Speculation and rumors reported that the reasons for this obessive behavior ranged from-1) fearing to stop lest ghosts or demons would “get” her as retribution for being the recipient of all that rifle money…..to- 2) she was a very bad architect, to-3) she was just full tilt boogy nuts.

Haunted, poor designer or plain old nut, she sure did a lot of building.

Frequently, when I am in the zone, I think of myself as having  that single minded passionate drive to avoid  the humdrum needs and ministrations of basic existance …..i.e. put on street clothes that would at least pass for street clothes somewhere besides a very bad street in a very bad neighborhood- oh – let’s say- under a bridge…..(they are just going to get dirty ruined etc- anyway..) .. What do you mean the frig is empty- surely there must be some microwave popcorn…whatever.

Out of Thinset!!!!  Alert the media. Dial 911. Start the car. Be right back.


Yes Sara. I understand. You gotta keep doing your thing or “stuff”  will intrude. I don’t know if it’s demons but anything that interrupts the flow is undesirable.

For those of you unfamiliar with Sara Winchester; here is a link http://www.winchestermysteryhouse.com/. It is a fascintaing story.

Another mosaicist, I believe it was, St. John’sGypsy called it: OCMD or Obsessive Compulsive Mosaic Disorder. Love it. It is true. So many of us report the same drive.

So -yes yes. I have been in the zone and neglected my blog. I will try to do better. 

I can safely report that there are no poltergeist-y activities going on at the present and I have at least 10 projects in the pipeline….so the theory seems to be working…   

Please tell me that you do the same thing too….

Okey Doke.



One Response to ““Mrs Winchester, I presume….””

  1. Love the ocmd title for what we all seem to have! Your Out of Thinset comment LOL!!! So true!
    I’ve actually be to the Winchester House. My parents took us there when we were little…it was very strange! I just remember this one staircase that led to nowhere…freaky!
    I can see how mosaic obsession compares to Sara!
    Your new table looks fab! Love it!

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