Over the River and Thru the Woods…..

Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise that is…..(that’s how we talk round these parts..).

I am excited. I am all packed and ready for one of my regular pilgrimages to my other residence in So IL.

This is really special. For one- my sister is graduating with a Master’s Degree ( a family first – way to go Teri!!! ) and it is mother’s day weekend and it is once again time for Little Egypt Art Association’s Annual Art Show. This event is held in conjunction with Herrin, Il’s “Herrin Festa Italiana.”  

I have a story to tell about these folks and this event-

A year ago, my sister Teri urged me to participate in this art event. She had done it several times and really enjoyed the whole process. She is a painter of some fanciful wonderful stuff. There is a link to here web site (which is under construction or I would post the link here as well…) on the right side of this blog. More stuff will be posted there soon I promise….

 Sunflower by Teri

This is Sunflower by TMac






At first, I hesitated. My stuff is big, heavy, fragile, and – 3 dimensional. The organizer of the only other art show I had attempted to enter told me that my stuff was NOT ART. Well OK. That will be the subject of another entry….

So- persuaded by my sister, I brought my most recent pieces- one of which was my Mother’s bowling ball which I had converted to a yard globe.                     

Betty’s Ball


Ozark Vernacular Bird House Number 1

and I threw in a mirror as well…

Well – we had a great time. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to participate in my first juried show.

As it turned out- my sister and I both won awards in the amateur divsion_ She won first for Painting and I got a second and a third in Fine Crafts! WOW!!! I was never so excited. WOW.  We entered another show- Another ribbon!!!! More braggin rights for Betty’s girls….hehehe.

What a wonderful Mother’s Day . One I will never forget. Mom was pretty happy too.

This year promises to be even better.

I will keep you posted.


4 Responses to “Over the River and Thru the Woods…..”

  1. StJohnsGypsy Says:

    YEH!!!! I am taking some stuff toooooo!!! Hope to see you FINALLY! This is a first for me also……….when I lug my stuff in…they may turn me away!!!!!

  2. artandartifacts Says:

    You will love the event and the people. Your stuff will be well received I am sure! Yeeeha. They are gonna have to have a whole mosaic wing when we are done with ’em…..;-)!!!!

    Great to hear. We will get together if at all possible….Wonderful event- you really will love it.

  3. StJohnsGypsy Says:

    Can you see the time of our postings? I just joined the art group….haven’t even made it over to Marion yet…too dang busy with my paying job…etc. I don’t know what to expect…not sure even what to do……..but I’ll figure it out…….I just need to have broad shoulders and not take rejection “personally!” LOL I sort of got burn out on mosacing about two weeks ago. It turned into a job…and that was not FUN…I won’t do commission work…hate it…but now I am slowly getting refueled. Oh, I posted some balls in the Bowling ball mosaic at Flickr……hope more gals join in on that…I love BB’s. Hope to meet you and share mosaic chat, etc! janet

  4. StJohnsGypsy Says:

    Congratulations Susan…well deserved! You go girl!

    Fine Crafts – Amateur

    1st Place – Susan McSherry “Chaos Theory”

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