Artists and Art Venues I Enjoy

I may as well start somewhere.

In my earliest internet searching for folk art and folk artists, I came across these:

Intuit Gallery

America Oh Yes

Interesting Ideas

Bottle Cap artists:

Rick Ladd- made the most awesome furniture constructions out of bottle caps. Has things in the House of Blues. I even saw some of his stuff on eBay in the last year or so….I do not have a good link right now but you can Google him. It is worth the effort.

Ramona Hotel – you can Google her as well. I do not yet have a definitive link for her but she does have an Etsy store I believe…The most creative folk art doll jewelry made of bottle caps. Reasonably priced and just wonderful. I am a big fan.

Lots of other folks artists I will be adding.

MOSAIC Artists:

Irina Charney  You simply must look her up. Stunning. Whimsical. Cheerful. Just wonderful. I worship at her feet….ok ok. You must check her stuff out.

Sonia King  Well. She is an institution. Fine art mosaics. Public and private installations. Just the most gorgeous stuff. A real leader in United States mosaics.

Maggie Howarth  a british mosaicist who uses stones to make the most incredibly beautiful mosaics.

Cleo Mussi another british mosaicist who does the most interesting sculpture….wonderful stuff.

Nikki St. Phalle  internationally famous sculptor. Check out this site. Fabulous stuff.

There is of course the Raymond Isidore (father of pique assiette) and Nek Chand and oh so many others……


 In the beginning, I was a regular on the MSN Garden Junk forums for years. Lots of cool stuff there. The bowling balls caught my eye-I think there were something like 8000!!!! Is that right ?

At any rate,  I had a fairly large collection of bowling balls myself  at the time. Mine were, however, un-adorned. This bowling ball research brought mosaics to my attention. I started searching for local USA artists and here are few I discovered early on…

Travellin’ Terlizzese –  Yay! I found it!!! The artist had a mirror that I think is one of my all time favorites…..”Practice Hygiene..” incredibly cute. A rambunctious use of color and pattern and game piece letters are featured on all sorts of items.

Vicky Lankford  was one of the very first mosaic artists I found on the internet. I contacted her in my state of total cluelessness and she was extremely kind and helpful. Her stuff is amazing. She uses a lot of colorful vintage ceramic pieces.

Coral Nocie  Coral’s stuff was the very first I saw that used costume jewelry and bling out the ying yang. I contacted her too right out of the gate and she was very very kind. Help too. I still love this stuff.

Elizabeth Wilhite I haven’t found a link for her yet either. I think she has work on Ruby Lane and EBSQ. I will get the links. She is the very definition of perfectly executed shabby chic antique china pique assiette. Beautiful stuff.

There are of course a couple of organization web sites you should check out- they are:

Society of Ameican Mosaic Artist (SAMA) Lots of wonderful links here to check out….I used to be a member- I will probably join again- it is a good group.

British Association for Modern Mosaics Lota of wonderful places to look here as well…..

 I will be fleshing these entries out with more info and links as I go along. I just wanted to get them listed- before I forget. You can google any of them and find tons of stuff on your own. It’s a start!

Please feel free to drop me line with suggestions for links to add here.


Get crackin!


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  1. yummmmy……. thanks for your tips i’d love to follow u.anyway happy new year ~~~~~~~~

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