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Side Trip to Nirvana….

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Oh my goodness! I have been on the road and had a list of to-do’s to do. One of which was to get to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to see the exhibit they have of Nikki de Saint Phalle. On my list this was a “C” priority- You know the..” I really want to but I really don’t have time…”-etc….

WEll. Stuff has a way of working out sometimes….

I went. I tried 3 times and the third was the charm.

If you are a mosaic artist, love colorful pop art or are just a curious soul…I feel certain you will really enjoy this exhibit.

I was so pumped I did this like a military operation. Bing Bang Boom. Camera- check. New battery -check. New sd card-check. Attach neckstrap-check. Money and keys in pocket. Thick socks + comfy shoes-check. Perfect parking place! Sheesh- did I lock the car??? I am already across the parking lot…

I see the first piece!!!! It is big and shiny. Yup I am definitely at the right place. Yeeehaw! I made it.

This is: Le Poete at sa muse.  It is located outside the main entrance to the Garden. This piece is privately owned by a collector in Belgium.( Wow- I thought I dragged home a lot of stuff ….;-). It is just under 10 feet tall and a bit less than 1400 pounds.  It was made in 1999.

La poete et sa museSorry about the glare on the top of the photo- I took all the photos you will see here in this piece. Here is a link if you want to see the professional ones from MOBot. They are just awesome:

Next, to the window, grab the ticket (only 8 dollars- what a deal). And a dash through the entry building. I am not sure what I was thinking- I felt like I was at some sort of timed event- pole bending or barrel racing. I was moving I’m tellin ya.

There was a new chandelier in the entry building- a Dale Chihuily. Wow. Sorry Dale. No time for that photo right now. On to the main event.

I am just going to do a few at a time since I seem to be having all sorts of crashing problems….Here is the skull. This piece has really grown on me.

Thi piece is about 14 feet tall and it weighs 12,000 pounds! The inside is every bit as cool as the outside.

I am totally fascinated by the extreme tactile nature of these pieces. The finish is just awseome- so smooth! Every body loved this piece. I had to wait quite a while to get a shot without folks crawling all over it….This is La Cabeza.


I think my favorite may well be the lions. I just loved the more subtle color palette- the natural semiprecious materials she used here are just to die for_

 Guardian Lion  One of a pair. These pieces are over 7 feet “tall” and weigh about 3,00 pounds. I love the natural materials used so beautifully here. Semiprecious tumbled stones, glass, ceramic pieces.  Kids were really attracted to these pieces. It took a while to get this photo without a child exploring.

The finish on these pieces fascinates me. They are so smooth. So clean. So perfectly finished. Just gorgeous. I am so inspired.

Okey Doke. That’s it for now- I’ll be back with more adventures with Nikki…What a trip.


Winner’s Circle….

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May 3, 2008, Big Brown galloped to a decisive victory in the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby. I have owned race horses, ridden, trained and re-trained them. I have made a trip or two to a Winner’s Circle. Nothing however, ever compared to being right there at Churchhill Downs for the classic Run for the Roses.  That , my friends, that is the Big Kahuna of horse racing Winner’s Circles. The stuff dreams are made of.

I have had a work in progress for a while- I was calling it Easter Hat Lady for lack of a better idea. Suddenly- while watching the pageantry of the Derby I remembered all the wonderful hats and I thought- That’s it- She’s gonna be “Derby Hat Lady”. 

Ta Daaa!!!!                                                                                                                               

Here is a close-up of her-Looks right at home in the Winner’s Circle if you ask me……                                                                                                               



This is probably as close as I will ever get to a Winner’s Circle again….Sure looks like fun doesn’t it?


From what I recall- it was…;-). 


Do you have any Derby stories to share????  

Midwest Mosaic Artists! Put down your nippers and jump in the car! Niki de Saint Phalle –

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Le Cabeza – Giant Skull Sculpture recently installed in the Missouri Botanical Gardens, St Louis. Part of the Niki de Saint Phalle Exhibit.

Niki 045, originally uploaded by mistone.

Here is one of the sculptures you will be able to see in the Missouri Botanical Gardens “Niki in the Garden” Exhibition.  This exhibition will be there from April 27th through October 31st 2008.  Don’t miss it!

Here is a link to a huge background of information on one of my very favorite artists. What a charmed and charming body of work. Please check it out at Niki Charitable Art Foundation.

In addition to that site is another for her sculpture garden in Italy. It is based on Tarot Cards and is quite a fantasy. That site is: IL GIARDINO DEI TAROCCHI”

I can’t describe how I reacted when I first saw photos of her “Three Graces” dancing in a water feature in Atlanta’s Botanical Garden….They are imposing joyous and colorful. My kinda stuff.

Don’t take my word for it- look it up- follow these links. Make plans for your trip to MoBot….Heck they are even looking for volunteers to be intrerpretors for the exhibit. How much fun would that be?????

OK. Get Busy. ;-).

“Mrs Winchester, I presume….”

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Sara Winchester, widow of the Winchester rifles heir, began a construction project in 1884 which continued day and night for the next 38 years. Speculation and rumors reported that the reasons for this obessive behavior ranged from-1) fearing to stop lest ghosts or demons would “get” her as retribution for being the recipient of all that rifle money… 2) she was a very bad architect, to-3) she was just full tilt boogy nuts. Continue reading

Cheap Trick

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No- I am not lost. I am not posting music blog stuff from the 1980’s (has it really been that long..).

No- I haven’t switched this over to a relationship blog…endless stream of ..”and then he…”.

Oh no.  What I am going to talk about here is a method/style of making a quick project which is simple enough for kids, campers or  unhandy visiting bored relative types. You can actually produce some pretty and  use-able items using this process.  Continue reading

Fish Bottle

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 Here is a picture of the fish bottle prior to grouting. You can really see the beads and the little fish window very plainly.

.The beads were built up in a thin layer over and over until they reached the desired depth.

I used Envirotex Lite to adhere the beads to the bottle and to each other. I used thinset (thinned with water) to  prime the glass surface where the tiles are. I then used it “full strength” to adhere the vitreous glass tiles to the bottle. I liked using these two things- resin and thinset- to work on glass. All of my prior glass work has utilized WeldBond. It is a wonderful product. I just wanted to experiment with some different materials. Continue reading


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This is the date I finally broke down and decided to do this blogging thing. It took another 2 months to remember where it was…..hehehe.

So I guess I had just better-